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By James Axler

A nuclear Endgame performed out one of the superpowers created a firey cataclysm that became the US right into a treacherous new frontier. yet an intrepid staff of warrior survivalists roams the wastelands, unlocking the secrets and techniques of a pre-dark global. Ryan Cawdor and his band became dwelling legends in a global of insanity and demise the place savagery reigns, however the human spirit continues to be.

The South Pacific is a rad-blasted paradise, inhabited via huge mutated crustaceans and savage cannibals. The neighborhood baron principles the Marshall Islands with a despotic iron fist and a mystery formulation for making Deathland s gold: Gunpowder. yet his actual invincibility lies in his ownership of stockpiles of pre-dark quick hearth missiles and a fleet of sensible PT boats. Ryan Cawdor and his partners have confronted off opposed to the baron and survived. yet this time there s just one manner out of those loss of life seas during the sec-men infested waters of the baron s state.

think your worst nightmare. this can be the Deathlands.

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Swinging his shotgun off his shoulder, J. B. Dix rammed the stock of the weapon against the side of the lighthouse. The resulting thud gave no indication of weakness, or even of empty space beyond the adamantine material. The lighthouse was a fortress. Adjusting his glasses, the wiry man returned the shotgun to its usual position over his shoulder slung opposite the Uzi machine pistol. "Nothing," he said, rubbing his unshaved chin. " "Well, the balcony is too high to reach," Dr. Mildred Wyeth stated, her hand resting on a canvas bag slung over one shoulder.

A seagull winged silently overhead, something small and wiggling held tight in its deadly beak. "Normally, a lighthouse would be placed on a cliff or jetty to maximize visibility," Mildred said thoughtfully, gazing at the railing that encircled the walkway around the beacon on the top level. B. said. " "It doesn't matter," Dean said. " He hitched up his belt. " "Very true, my young friend," Dr. Theophilus Algernon Tanner rumbled. In a frock coat and frilly shirt, the silver-haired gentleman appeared to be from another era, which, in fact, he was.

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