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By Victor Appleton II

Annoying, excited males gazed spaceward from the ships and planes of the South Atlantic job strength. different watchers waited breath-lessly within the regulate room of the send Recoverer. between those used to be Tom fast Jr. "How with reference to earth is our Jupiter probe missi

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Don't worry. " Half an hour dragged by--then forty minutes. Suddenly the door buzzer rang sharply. The man jerked to attention, obviously startled. He glanced at Tom, then toward the direction of the sound, moistening his lips nervously. "He must have been expecting just a phone call," Tom decided. The buzzer shrilled again. This time the man got up from his chair, gagged Tom hastily with a handkerchief, and went to the door. " he asked loudly. "Mirov! " replied an accented voice from outside.

Within moments, Bud and Mel were on their heels. The raiders whirled in dismay as they caught the sound of footsteps rushing up behind them through the sand. Bud and Mel hurled themselves forward, each dropping a man with a flying tackle. All four went down in a struggling, kicking tangle of arms and legs. The battle was rough but short. Bud and Mel had the advantage of surprise, and soon pommeled and grappled their foes into submission. Bud, astride his opponent's chest with knees pinning the man's arms, unlooped from his belt the wire he had brought.

Tom looked up and saw the portly, aproned figure of Chow Winkler entering. "Hi, boss! " Chow asked. " Tom pointed toward a portable radio on a shelf nearby. Chow's leathery face broke into a grin as he picked it up. " The cook flicked on the dial knob and the twangy strains of Hawaiian guitar music came throbbing out. A split second later the volume swelled as the same music echoed back to them from the two-room apartment adjoining the lab, where Tom ate and slept when engaged in some round-the-clock experiment.

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